Our Services

Our services

On Demand Services

Cost effective pickup and delivery throughout Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest states. Expedited offers a flexible menu of of services meeting every need and every deadline.

Scheduled Courier Service

Planned pickups and deliveries regularly scheduled for a specific time each day, or by day of the week or month. Ideal for inter-office communication, bank deposits, payroll, billing records and planning or engineering documents. From dock truck service to cargo van, we can do it all.

Dedicated Route Service

Pickups and just-in-time deliveries along a client's planned route as many times a day as desired. Ideal for auto parts distributors, medical facilities, pharmaceutical distributors, multi-branch companies and others who have regular, recurring delivering needs.


Whether overnight or long term storage, our 15,000 square foot, fully insured warehouse we can meet all your needs. With our secure warehouse, Expedited has the expertise and experience to perform not only simple storage but also integrated inbound and outbound supply chain management services.

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